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2018 Skiing Calendars

Below are some Skiing calendars for 2018:

(Click here for: 2019 Skiing Calendars)

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2018 Skiing Calendars to Buy

Here are some 2018 Skiing Calendars:

Disclosure: Products details and descriptions provided by Amazon.com. Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this website.

Extreme Sports Wall Calendar 2018 (Art Calendar)

Flame Tree Publishing
Released: 2017-08-29
Calendar (12 pages)

Extreme Sports Wall Calendar 2018 (Art Calendar)
List Price: $14.99*
Lowest New Price: $33.83*
Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
*(As of 16:48 Pacific 15 Jul 2018 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Are you an extreme sports enthusiast looking for your next hit of adrenaline? This calendar includes some of the most incredible sports and sports personalities, including World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater. From kayaking down fast running rapids, to rock climbing in the harshest of conditions, this calendar is the perfect for any extreme sports fan. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next months views.

2018 Surf Calendar

By Jane Lamberth

Orca Publications
Released: 2018-06-12
Flexibound (200 pages)

2018 Surf Calendar
List Price: $24.99*
Lowest New Price: $11.76*
Lowest Used Price: $10.64*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 16:48 Pacific 15 Jul 2018 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Inspired by travel, surfing and a healthy outdoors lifestyle, Good Vibes Cookbook is the latest book by the authors of the Surf Café Cookbook and Surf Café Living. Packed with delicious, nutritious recipes using clean foods, it beckons you to enjoy vibrant, tasty dishes that are good for you. 
Based on the West Coast of Ireland, authors Jane and Myles Lamberth are behind the successful surfside café, Shells, in Strandhill. Here they have tried and tested all the recipes in the book, to bring you the best locally-produced, easy-to-make food. Good Vibes Cookbook brings together a variety influences from their global travels and their lifestyle at home in Ireland.
You’ll find the pages stuffed with nourishing, mouth-watering recipes that will enrich your diet and make you feel great. Wake up to energizing snacks such as the Super Green ‘Superman’ Smoothie, Buddha Breakfast Bowl, Ricotta Hotcakes and Coconut Butter Coffee. Learn how to create amazing dishes like Asian Slaw, Moroccan Butternut Squash Tagine, Pea and Trout Salad, Slow Poached Coconut Chicken and Hazelnut Lamb Koftas. Feed your sweet tooth with healthy Elderflower and Raspberry Cake, and Vegan Chocolate Ice-cream.
Awesome photography will encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen, fuel your body the right way and ensure that you feel the good vibes every time you flick through the pages of the cookbook. You’ll be inspired to live a more fulfilled life packed with great food, outdoor living and a taste of the ocean.
From this book you will:
  • Master your cooking and plan your week ahead with authentic, clean recipes
  • Wake up to power-boosting breakfasts
  • Discover how to make vibrant, healthy lunches
  • Indulge your sweet side with both naughty and nourishing treats
  • Be inspired to create simple and satisfying suppers 

Surfing 2018 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, Ocean Sea Beach Wave Sport (English, French and Spanish Edition)

By BrownTrout Publishers

BrownTrout Publishers
Calendar (28 pages)

Surfing 2018 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar, Ocean Sea Beach Wave Sport (English, French and Spanish Edition)
List Price: $14.99*
Lowest New Price: $39.20*
Lowest Used Price: $86.82*
*(As of 16:48 Pacific 15 Jul 2018 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Surfers devoted to their craft will travel the globe in search of the perfect wave. Intense strength and agility are needed to ride any wave with grace and ease. The ocean s power constantly reminds surfers of their position in relationship to nature, so they quickly develop a sense of humility to go along with their daring spirit. This sublime square wall calendar is a testament to the beauty of the sport of surfing. These stunning photographs celebrate the uncommon but real symbiotic relationship between human and wave.

This calendar includes a 6 month (July - December) 2017 planner page, so get yours early!

Calendar includes Holidays, moon phases, image captions with locations and other information, the highest quality photography and more!

Ski the World 2018 Wall Calendar

By Pomegranate Communications

Calendar (12 pages)

Ski the World 2018 Wall Calendar
List Price: $14.99*
Lowest New Price: $97.99*
*(As of 16:48 Pacific 15 Jul 2018 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
With the invention of tows and lifts in the 1930s, alpine skiing was no longer a sport for only the intrepid and determined. Skiing grew as a holiday activity for the elite, and what followed has been called the golden age of skiing. The sport s popularity spread from Europe to North America, and on to farther-flung slopes. Meanwhile, tourism agencies, railroads, and resorts commissioned posters advertising the thrill of the downhill and the luxuries of the lodge. The art showcased dramatic vistas or charming vignettes alongside hand-drawn typography. Some of the time s most in-demand poster artists, often working for railroads, contributed to the ski poster genre, but just as many striking posters came from little-known artists. Today their works fascinate everyone from casual observers to studied collectors.

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